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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

As questions are raised about starting and operating leagues and their franchises, answers deemed helpful to other considering investing will be posted Here are the first 3 questions and their summary answers and links to more detailed answers:

QUESTION 1: Where Does the Confidence Come from Such that You Think You Can Make It Happen?

Short Answer

Research and empirical evidence from 2000 to 2013, including research into the most recent attempts.

Some Details

All our key people have had NFL and UFL experience, including positions as Head Coach/General Managers, Football Operations, position coaches, equipment managers, trainers, game day operations, venues, charter flights, training camps, etc.

5 key Points in Our Favor

  1. People want football, especially in major market non-NFL cities
  2. It doesn't take that much money to make things happen, especially when using existing venues.
  3. Cities move quickly with cooperation when they realize they are not asked for any money
  4. There are more than the traditional ways to make money as my 2000 40 in 26 makes clear (enhanced now to over 200).
  5. We have an exit strategy for the $2M via contracts obtained by the consulting firm

See Also

The material on this site is based on empirical work and baselines of others where there is common ground findings regarding costs and expenses and the variables that cause change, combined with actual experience and discussion with others about their discussions, as well as reviewing the information and lessons learned from others on their web sites, who have similar cost structures:

We are developing a standard set of FAQs. They will be posted soon.

QUESTION 2: How Long Will It Take and How Do You Lessen the Odds, Break Even, and Begin Making a Profit?

Short Answer

If funded by December 15, 2013, there can be a season in 2014. Otherwise: 2015. Regardless, we anticipate breaking even season two and begin taking profit by the second half of Season two but no later than Season 3.


We can structure league, sign franchise owners, and launch in 2014, if we fund by December 15, 2013, we can undertake the task and have season 1 in 2014. If not, then 2015. The odds are increased by being collaborative with many, by using action lists and tracking efforts and results, and by holding regular video or phone conferences with key folks involved in the structuring and launching.

See Also

QUESTION 3: What Cities Would the Teams Be in and How Many are Needed to Launch a League?

The goal is to put teams in cities of the top 50 markets in the USA which do not have an NFL team, as well as candidate cities in Canada and Mexico. The number of teams to launch for Season 1: 8. This is the consensus correct starting number by those attempting to do so. The goal is to add 4 teams each year until there are 16 teams.

Cities Involved

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