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Expand NFL from 32 to 36 Cities

CONTACT: Peter Jessen, 503-913-3849 (mobile, phone and text messaging).

Build New Stadiums Using Our "No New Taxes" Financing Options

  1. Consulting based on research and development analysis
  2. Consulting area 1: NFL stadium hybrid private-public no-new-taxes-financing/funding and business development
  3. Consulting area 2: Developing, launching, and operating an NFL-like football league that is second tieronly to the NFL

CONTACT: Peter Jessen, 503-913-3849 (mobile, phone and text messaging).
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Stadium Financing, Funding, and Private-Public Hybrids

Business Development for Stadiums, Leagues, and Teams

Launching / Operating an NFL-Like Football League, 2nd Tier to NFL

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