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One Page on Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

My email to the new owner of the Sacramento Kings will explain how this whole thing got started. Its like the old Evers to Tinker to Chance: from UFL employee seeking franchises in Portland and L.A. to non-employee seeking franchise investors "on spec" to setting up our little Portland consulting group to ascertain the possibility of starting a new league to offering to consult to whoever wants to set up a league to the latest morphing to seeking partners in setting up a new league.

The Traditional "W's" Plus One "H"

Who: NFL experienced coaches, players, trainers, equipment managers, operations experts experienced finance and investor experts seeking new revenues that bring fun as well as profit Eager cities without NFL teams to have an NFL quality team. An abundance of riches in terms of people and places, as listed in the One Page Proposal:

What: a new near NFL quality football league in the top 50 markets that are not NFL cities. One Page Proposal Point #13: Unique operations and financial structure: : bottom up local control, not top down dictated control: reduces costs, increases profits, and shortens time to break even and reach profitability, avoiding top down structure of league owning teams and dictating to franchise investor/owners. League serves franchises, not reverse. Breakeven: Yr 2. Profits: Yr 3 and after. Football is the most popular sport. 32 cities have an NFL Team. 26 of the top 50 markets do not. The NFL is a $9.3 billion money machine (we anticipate $230M/year for our new league and its franchises). Halo Effect: Pro football doesn't just produce cash for the NFL. Local economic activity generated by a single NFL game is estimated at $20 million to $21 million. Over eight home games – excluding preseason and playoffs – that's $160 million per year per market and $5.1 billion total earned by peripheral businesses. Broadcast revenue: even if 1/10 of NFL: $5-10M/year Sponsorship revenue: in 8-12 cities: we project a minimum of $100M; $10M/yr per team if ten teams

When: Spring-Summer 2014

Where: 8 non-NFL cities in the top 50 markets, expandable by 4 teams per year for either 2 or 3 years Cities could be determined by league or settle by awarding to the cities with the highest bidders.

Why: Because it is desired by the professionals that will play key league and team roles, desired by the cities, and most of all, desired by the unquenchable fires of the winning city locations, and because it will break even in Year Two and begin profit taking Year 3.

How: First step: raising the $2M outlined in the one page proposal, and follow it (our road map) to develop the league and obtain investors for the league's initial eight franchises. Follow the appropriate 282 models that fit the 25 categories of operations and finance models, and by hiring the best of the abundance of folks (listed in the "Who" section above). As one of our team has stated, the One Page List of 25 Categories of 282 Operations Models is like a bible on models, everything anyone would want to know about franchises. It is the roadmap.

Page content written / posted: 10-13-13

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