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25 Categories, 282 Operations Models for Developing and Operating a League and Its Franchises that Generate Revenues

This one page proposal lists 25 categories in which are the 282 models regarding operations, marketing, media, sponsors, revenue, reflecting ideas / plans / tactics / strategies and other entrepreneurial innovations that support our claim to being ready for investors when we present to them. As we go forward other models will come forward. The development money is to use this list as a base to create an integrated UCFL model, a one – three week task, assuming the funds are available to enable the speed to get it down, as well as depending on who and how many are in the work groups, how whether we are able to use one work group location or have to use separate geographic locations. Our consulting group would direct and coordinate the work.

Time-Frames of When These Models Were Developed

  1. Those parts and wholes developed/aggregated/researched by Peter Jessen, starting in 2000 (over 220)
  2. Those many developed during 2009-2011 (but dismissed by the league they were submitted to)
  3. Those by others that I have heard of but not yet seen (but dismissed by the league they were submitted to)
  4. Those discovered 2012-2013, as extracted from other league attempts, proposals, and interviews.

The 25 Categories Containing the 282 Operations Models

  1. Models (10) for League operations
  2. Models (20) for team operations
  3. Model for The Joe Riker Sponsor Plans
  4. Models (9) for sponsors: in 3 categories:
    1. League sponsors
    2. Team sponsors
    3. Shared sponsors (including Joe Riker adaptations of these sponsor models as well)
  5. Models (20) for media involvement (TV and radio broadcast, print, social, mobile
  6. Models of Revenue Streams Model (40 in 26 categories, mostly local revenue), which most don't attempt
  7. Model of Fan Plan to Build Attendance, Sustain Sellouts, Increase Revenue
  8. Model for game day revenue for Tickets, Parking and Concessions
  9. Model for football by Mark Cuban
  10. Models of use of Internet and social media (35)
  11. Models (47) for communications
  12. Model for Joint ventures with the team (could by sponsors)
  13. Model for Incubator for use with small businesses / business start ups using the team's brand and their money.
  14. Model for business development PR strategies
  15. Model for Smart Growth Strategies
  16. Models (14) for Finance and revenue yield
  17. Models (12) for financing/operating venues
  18. Model for Consulting services regarding developing revenue, increasing profits
  19. Models (4)for multi-use activities to use to partner with venues
  20. Model for Mastermind Brain Trust approach to innovate business and resolve business problems
  21. Model for Competitive Analysis
  22. Models (18) for conflict resolution
  23. Models (2) for Sports Marketing
  24. Models (25) for Success in the form of "recipes"
  25. 30 channels of media distribution model in 11 categories.

Page content written / posted: 09-26-13, 10-13-13

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