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Is What We Say About Setting up a New League Mostly Hope and Prayer, or Is It Real?

Excerpts of Answer to Email Question of 9-26-13

Question: "Is this Just a Hope and Prayer, or Real?"

Short Answer: It is real. It is not based on hope and prayer but on empirical experience and proof of concept.

Longer Answer: this one-pager plus the other one-pagers outline the empirical evidence and proof of concept, and are based on years of experience and study and cross comparing the work and history of other league attempts (with the major problem being that they either didn’t follow their own plans and principles or they didn’t adapt to change. This one-pager provides empirical proof of concept that our proposed new league can be and will remain profitable. The collective one-pagers oultine the key “ingredients” of our success “recipes:”

  1. The Proposal
  2. The 25 Categories of our 282 Operations Models, backed up by 1,000s of documents in 100s of folders and files that I’ve developed or aggregated since 2000
  3. This answer to the question of whether we are a hope and a prayer or solid and real
  4. The Eight Game Changers in professional sports (see also "6 of the Main Drivers of revenue/wealth in the NFL" Sports Illustrated, 2011)
  5. “Why the UFL will succeed,” prepared in 2011 by a prospective UFL franchise buyer is the best one-pager that I’ve seen on who the UFL change the deal points

The Two Key Differences in Our Approach:

  1. Earlier efforts didn’t follow their business plans and were unfunded
  2. Earlier efforts were top-down single entity leagues rather than a league of in charge single entity teams

A Clear Picture of the Vision and the Anticipated Costs, Expenses, Revenues, and Profits

The One Page “Why the UFL can make it” is the best one page summary there is. We’ll adapt it. The One Page List of 25 categories of operations models, lays out the tools available to take the dream from gossamer breeze to hard, concrete reality, including how to generate $100M in revenue/year beyond game day. The list has been called playbook of success models, everything a franchise needs to know for success.

Who: Abundance of eager, experienced coaches, players, staffs plus cities without NFL wanting an NFL quality team

What: a new near NFL quality football league in the top 50 markets that are not NFL cities, not top down dictated control, but team owners bottom-up collaboration, reducing costs, increasing profits, and shortens time to profitability,

When: Spring-Summer 2014

Where: 8 non-NFL cities in the top 50 markets, expandable by 4 teams per year for either 2 or 3 years. Expansion cities determined by league or settled by awarding to cities with the highest bidders with venue agreements.

Why: Because it is desired by the professionals that will play key league and team roles, desired by the cities, and most of all, desired by the unquenchable fires of the winning city locations. The NFL has proven that football can be, and is, a $9.3 billion money machine able to pursue renewable profit through continuous, rational, enterprise, year in and year out, because football is the most popular sport in America and will grow world-wide. Our new league can have the “halo effect” of the NFL: not just producing cash for the league but generating also in local economic activity, which is why we emphasize local sponsorships, partnerships and joint ventures, in addition to broadcast/media deals. Profitability was demonstrated to those wanting a franchise in 2011.

REVENUE / PROFITS from multiple revenue streams. NFL teams that follow the multiple revenue stream strategy are accruing $100-200 million MORE than the other NFL teams. Why don't the others do it? They are satisfied. They have settled. We will not be satisfied nor settle. We are not proposing a get rich quick scheme (although the league can be grown to Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 level). One does not buy a yacht or a Maserati today for an investment flip tomorrow. We seek those who want fun, who can afford to wait 2-3 years for profitability, and will take exercise the profit generating opportunities. For those who want more, we are prepared to support any who wish to work on two extensions: (1) a league in Asia and (2) new venues to be part of a mixed-use real estate and communications hub/destination and gathering for fans, visitors, tourists, consumers, and sports/entertainment/real estate/business people. We also have a complete naming rights package.

How: By following the appropriate 282 models of the 25 categories of operations and finance models, by   by hiring the best of the "abundance" folks wanting to be part of a team, and by following the 30 Step Plan to launch the league. By combining the best elements of various traditional operating/financing plans into new financing configurations for single and multiple use sports-entertainment for any kind of venue, in any city or region.

Page content written / posted: 10-13-13

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