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Saving the Chargers Stadium Campaign for the National Football League
Part 6 of 7: Summary of Solution Pieces

25 Reasons for the "Why" and "How"

There are great advantages to the City of San Diego and the San Diego Chargers share the stadium complex.

  1. These 25 points are predicated on the fact that the only option of value for the City of San Diego, its business community, and its team the Chargers, is to play the appropriate responsible leadership roles to make Mission Valley a flagship development in the U.S., and the Chargers a true "Home Team," within the reality that key is a winning attitude, that 16 teams will lose on any given Sunday, but that approaching the realities of the NFL means any team can get its chance to sit atop with the NFL cycle of champions.
  2. Developing Mission Valley will be good for the City of San Diego and the Business Community and for the community of fans.
  3. Developing Mission Valley will help elevate the "Brand" of San Diego, creating a unique, world-class, multi/mixed use sports, entertainment, real estate, communications, investment, public space and business destination."
  4. There are enough financing and revenue models available to make the funding palatable to all relevant stakeholders: business community, Chargers, City, tax payers ( has identified 40 ways in 26 categories).
  5. Being "major league" today in 21st century is defined by having a major league sports team. The "Crème de la crème" of "Major League" are those cities with NFL teams.
  6. Developing Mission Valley with a new stadium as the anchor will guarantee having a Super Bowl at least once a decade, if not twice, with each being worth in current dollar terms, of $250,000,000 per Super Bowl.
  7. A new stadium could result in two Super Bowls a decade, bringing $1 Billion a decade to San Diego, plus all the inherent in-between revenues by viewers wanting to come to San Diego, especially if the real estate investment model is used that would include hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and condominiums in a mixed-use space.
  8. The Mission Valley development structured innovatively can generate over $200 million/year for the team, as well as hundreds of millions for other corporations who become a part of the development and investment of Mission Valley, achieving this through synergies that will generate on-going revenues/profits/fan support, utilizing 40 ways to generate revenue in 26 revenue generating categories identified by, including private and public spaces.
  9. The Mission Valley with new stadium issues address all of the tough economic times ahead for most cities in the future, providing a perfect vehicle for "smart growth" promising jobs, revenue, and economic growth for San Diego. Handled correctly, Mission Valley can help drive the economy forward in many creative and profitable ways.
  10. Developing Mission Valley, building a new stadium, and relooking at the Chargers, will create an entertainment focus and almost universal water cooler topic of conversation to greatly increase and excite the quality of life of San Diegans, for whom for three generations the Chargers have been a part of their lives and bridge between generations.
  11. Professional sports has become a large part of four major, emerging and enormous growth industries
    1. learning/edutainment
    2. high tech business solutions
    3. spin-offs from space exploration
    4. tourism
  12. The Mission Valley and Stadium complex would be (1) a destination and a gathering place for fans, visitors, tourists, consumers, and sports/entertainment/real estate/business people, as well as (2) a business, real estate and communications hub. These two together will generate profits in the near term and long term, year around, because San Diego’s weather encourages year-round use.
  13. The Mission Valley and Stadium construction projects would create large construction projects that has a wide range of positives: jobs (covering the private sector unions), a wider tax base that would help contribute more dollars for education (covering the public sector unions), construction and the financing that goes with all of this (covering the business and investment communities), additional spending regarding hotels, restaurants, shops (covering many of the small business community), set in motion advance planning by tourists and game day people (covering the travel and hospitality sectors), etc.
  14. Recognize and take advantage of the transition of pro sports teams from a sports industry into a juggernaut sports-entertainment-communications-real estate public spaces industry. The four "conflicting groups" (developers, business, environmentalists, citizen watchdogs) should be seen not as opponents in a win-lose game of dividing the San Diego pie, but rather points of scales seeking balance in sharing the San Diego pie, that they are not so much in conflict as not yet finding the common ground from which they can all work. has the mechanisms and processes to facilitate this
  15. The stadium, Chargers, and Mission Valley development will greatly enhance the brand of San Diego and the revenues and values of all businesses and corporations that participate.
  16. NFL Executive suites are among the highest value entertainment venues in the world.
  17. All San Diego Corporations would greatly enhance their bottom lines by strategically using their set (not single) executive suites in a new stadium.
  18. Helping Mission Valley develop and the City and Chargers get a new Stadium will have a positive ripple effect generating economic development in the rings surrounding San Diego.
  19. With a new stadium anchoring Mission Valley, it can become a catalyst for continued economic development not only in the downtown area of San Diego but in the concentric circles going out from Mission Valley in terms of retail shopping, hotels, restaurants, new homes/condominiums, etc.
  20. The new Mission Valley stadium/economic development in conjunction with a public-private partnership with San Diego will enhance the regional benefits and overall general area investing in the region
  21. One to three major companies taking the lead to lead the charge is all that is needed for success.
  22. The synergies for both profits and community are greatly enhanced by the convergence of interests in Mission Valley of residents, tourists, and business.
  23. Using to advise the process and strategies brings a winning record and attitude to all involved in this unique focus for San Diego.
  24. can bring the 1-2-3-4 knock out punch of the Internet of reach of audience/exposure; richness of content (quantity and quality); affiliation for loyalty, and navigational control/influence (which is changing things faster than we can sometimes comprehend, so why not create a parade rather than follow someone else's), with interaction in ways that are still being explored and discovered, in order to impact positively on the "Save Our Chargers" new stadium campaign.
  25. has explored dozens of techniques that an be utilized to Exploit the differences in communications channels by adapting to each accordingly: the far-reach-here-for-a-moment-and-gone-just-as-fast-TV and radio; sound-bite and highlight needs of TV, the extended debate needs of talk radio, the reach and information richness of local newspapers, the vast reach and lesser richness content format of national print media, the excitable point needs of columnists (take the offensive and turn controversies into positives, and the Internet, as noted above, which brings three new dimensions/dynamics to the communications strategy party:
    1. transparency (all is open)
    2. speed (blur)
    3. the 1-2-3-4 knock out punch noted above of reach, richness, affiliation, and navigation.

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