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Saving the Chargers Stadium Campaign for the National Football League
Part 1 of 7: Introduction: Save the Chargers, the People's Team

We love our Chargers! The Chargers need a new or renovated stadium to stay in San Diego. The Chargers can be saved without new taxes. Two wonderful websites explains everything: and

  1. As any Charger fan will tell you: I love the Chargers! I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Chargers! I do not want to see he Chargers leave San Diego. If we have enough community dialogue, we will figure out how to keep the Chargers in San Diego. All in San Diego are asked to join in this public discussion the Mayor has called for. We have been asked. We have been unsolicited. Let us submit as many positive, practical suggestions as we can. If you share my commitment to keep our Chargers in San Diego, it is time to get involved.
  2. If we want to keep the Chargers, we have to adjust to the new reality that a professional sports is now both big business and big entertainment.
  3. Let us do do everything we can to work with the Mayor and the City Council to ensure that the Chargers stay in San Diego.
  4. We are not just being romantic or reactive. There really is a way to build a new or to renovate the existiing stadium, keep the Chargers, and do so protecting the interests of both the taxpayer (no new taxes) and the team including negotiating the 1986 Federal law that says cities can only have 10% of stadium revenues. In fact this is not only a way; it represents the best of our research into different models that do not require new tax dollars. It can be done.
  5. We all know that the San Diego Chargers have been an integral part of San Diego culture for 30 plus years; and that the fans make the San Diego Chargers what they are, that as with all teams they belong to the fans, which in this case means 3 generations of fans. We need to let the Mayor and the owners know that we really do want them to remain in San Diego. They are a San Diego tradition. Help us save the chargers so that we can help keep this tradition going!
  6. We have no doubt that we of San Diego, working together, can resolve the issues and then solve the problem. Together, we can create the ideas and voice needed to encourage the key players in the government and business communities to do what is necessary to achieve a new or renovated Stadium and permanent residence for the Chargers, and that when everyone understands the situation, they will give voice to what they are saying silently to themselves: Save the Chargers!
  7. Some are opposed to working it out on the false belief that the Chargers only belong to the 60 some thousand who attend games at the stadium. Nothing could be further from the truth. We live in an age of TV. For three decades, the Chargers have been the favorite team of MOST if not ALL San Diego. The Chargers have fans around the country and around the world. The stadium is San Diego’s stage beamed worldwide. The Chargers are not just for middle class and upper class patrons who attend home games. This completely ignores the millions more watching on TV, listening on radio, and reading about them in the newspapers and in magazines, all of whom join together all over San Diego and around the world, throughout the week around the water cooler, at the lunch wagon, in the field, on the docks, on the ships, in the dorm rooms, at breaks between school classes, around the breakfast table, on any break, to talk about their favorite team, players, and plays, and the upcoming games, and share the joy with each other that the team brings.
  8. The team belongs to the people of San Diego. We claim it as ours.
  9. We all need to work hard to resolve this, inviting the owners and city to sit down and work out the finances, and do so for the benefit of all: fans/tax payers, law makers running for re-election, and owners understandably wanting to have their business be profitable and competitive. When Jerry Jones took over the Dallas Cowboys, they were losing $1 million a month; but he had vision that the previous owners lacked, just as Dean Spanos, the dynamic son of the Chargers’ founder, Alex Spanos, has vision. It is a win-wiin for all when we work with him to build/renovate the stadium, and let him put his vision to work for San Diego. By taking all of the complicated factors into play, and working with experts in these areas, the problem can be solved.

We have decided to work on helping to Save Our Chargers! Please join us!

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