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Structuring, Staffing, and Leading the
United Continental Football League — and Finding Investors

The team led by Peter Jessen (consultant to the NFL Vikings, 2000-2002, and the UFL California /Sacramento Mountain Lions Director of Administration, 2009-201), will structure and organize the league, find and sign team owners, and structure and organize the teams into turn key operations for owners. The team has NFL and UFL experience in general and, in particular, variously experienced and successful in integrating sports into business and communities for corporate, team, public relations, intergovernmental-corporate relations, and organizing for sporting event successes. The group together has expertise in corporate organizing/managing and in negotiating capital, leases, equipment, and outsourcing, especially in the worlds of finance, investment, private and public sector bonds, and in capital formation and deployment. But the key is the fans. Our group merely serves as the catalyst with coaches, players, and team staffs to give fans the football they crave.

The Portland Consulting Group has worked together on this idea and project since 2011. In the real world, we consider the United Continental Football League to be a 2nd Tier league out of five tiers:

We have two groups to identify, meet, vet, and negotiate:

  1. Franchise/League Individuals: There is an abundance of capable NFL experienced high coaches, players, trainers, equipment managers, and business managers available (the longer we wait the higher the risk that we’ll lose top tier people). They want to be involved in football at Tier 1 level and, if not, Tier 2. The Portland Consulting Group, separately or individually, know or know of those in the categories referenced in this presentation.
  2. Finance/Investor Individuals: There is an abundance of people wanting to be investors in a professional sports team — especially in a professional football team/league. We have candidates already warm to the prospect to discuss becoming owners of the one of the eight first year 2014 franchise team , or one of the eight expansions teams (12 teams in 2015 and 16 in 2016).
    • 14 candidates indicated an interest in owning a 2011 franchise — all submitted to the UFL, but the UFL did not contact them nor return their calls or emails
    • 10-20 former NFL players are seeking to form investment partnerships to own a team.
    • 29 “youngest billionaires under 40” (Forbes) who are interested in sports, but rather than seeking a quick return investment are seeking something that is both fun now and has the high potential for future return — this generation's equivalent to a yacht or Maseratti
    • 28 “old school” billionaires (L.A. Times) that sought to bid for the L.A. Dodgers (winning bid: $2.15 Billion)

Given we are unable to make promises until we are funded and officially organized (with most hiring determined by the investor(s) on the business side and the Head Coaches on the football side), and as many need to seek positions, names are not used in this presentation as they may be interviewing elsewhere; we don’t want to over complicate their lives. All have NFL and/or UFL backgrounds. Our goal is to fund quickly so we can obtain those who are key people and have the best networks available from which to draw the best for all levels of personnel and contacts needed.

Here is a list of individuals by job position or area who are interested in being considered when the league funds and begins hiring (if they haven’t had to take another job already):

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