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Investment Proposal Summary: Process for Buying an NFL Team,
General Partnership or Limited Partnership Investment

Investment Types

Two types of investments are to buy a general partnership (majority owner) NFL team or a limited partnership (minority owner) in an NFL team.

  1. General Partnership (Majority Owner) of an NFL Team
    • Must put up a minimum of 30% of the purchase price
    • Can have up to 24 additional limited partners
    • Maintain 100% management voting control
    • 2nd and 3rd generation owners often want to cash in on the team’s growth value
  2. Limited Partnership (Minority Owner) in an NFL Team
    • Owners want to take advantage of tremendous growth in value without debt
    • Teams with value 100’s of millions in value unused
    • Provide $50M-$100M and more, without debt

To learn more, read Why Buy an NFL Team and Why Buy an NFL Team and Move Them to Los Angeles.

Restriction Reminders

Financial Benefits

In other words, the owners direct the league to run profit centers that produces share revenues for the teams!

Transaction Process

The transaction process pathway is often mis-navigated. Some think they have to go to and through the NFL. Not correct. The transaction process, as noted below, starts with the buyer and seller, not the NFL. The NFL doesn’t have the time to deal with all of the wannabees. 32 teams. 32 General Partners (some with limited partners). 28 billionaires wanted the L.A. Dodgers. There is no limit to potential owners wanting an NFL team. We have entertained questions from investors in the U.S. as well as in Korea and Australia.

We recommend going to sellers and potential sellers first. You do not ask the NFL if you can buy a team. You ask a seller if you can buy their team or invest as a Limited Partner. Only after all the requirements can be shown to be met does it go to the NFL for an ownership vote (3/4 to approve). So once the sell-buy handshake has been made, with appropriate Memos of Understanding, then bring in the attorneys, draw up Letters of Intent, and engage the NFL regarding the procedures, not the authorization.

Definitely a status symbol — whether majority or minority owner — an NFL team is the "coolest toy" for generating profits and fun!

Transaction process, as presented by the NFL, which agrees with buyer and seller first:

Now Take Action

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Page content written / posted: 11-07-13

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