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Next Steps Outline and Agenda for Developing the United Continental Football League

I. In General: Develop Lists of

  1. Investors wanting teams
  2. Cities wanting teams
  3. Venues wanting teams
  4. Vendors wanting to serve the whole sports - entertainment arena
  5. NFL experienced coaches, players and staff wanting to coach and play;
  6. Models for generating revenue, including "40 Ways" and "Fan Plan" to "Build Attendance, Sustain Sell Outs, and increase Revenues."
  7. A "Master Mind" Brain Trust Approach for evaluating how to merge the models and approaches as well as ownership shares of the organizing entity setting up the league
  8. Alternative structures that are flexible and merge-able for negotiation
  9. Steps for passing on our work to a group structured as the NFL is -- owners meet to make decisions -- and a commissioner's office, with continuing influence by the original investor for whatever specified period of time is agreed, unless a hybrid structure is preferred. Key is letting the local franchises freely exercise their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas for their benefit and for sharing with fellow teams.

II. Specifically, for Single Investor or Investor Partner Group

  1. Determine the best way to move forward, whether as a consulting gig or otherwise, and to set compensation frameworks and limits, including expenses, using the above 9, and these subsequent 17 points as agenda items.
  2. We hold a a face to face meeting, work out the framework, and invite key people to our first planning session and create a structure for setting up the league.

III. Working Session #1 with Investor(s) and Advisors to "Mastermind" the League Launch

  1. We hold a meeting with key advisors, including minimally selected NFL/UFL head coaches.
  2. Work up a 3 year schedule with time deltas and evaluation criteria for each step.
  3. We work out the administrative and operational issues and protocols, continue via emails and phone calls finalizing in the 2nd meeting
  4. Come with list of recommended Head Coaches, administrators, position coaches, trainers, strength and nutrition coaches
  5. Come with list of recommended vendors, sponsors, partners, and key media people.

IV. Working Session #2 with Investor(s) and Advisors to "Mastermind" the League Launch

  1. We hold an "all hands" working session, including discussions regarding PR, media, facilities, travel, and other outsource contractors, either in meeting 1 and/or 2 or separate.
  2. Create ways for both sponsors and partners to make money off of the affiliation (creating a two way revenue street, not just one way).
  3. Work up the operational manuals for the league.
  4. Set the schedule: try outs, training camp, league games, Championship

V. Actions After Meetings with Advisors/Mastermind Meetings simultaneously as "The Manhattan Project"

  1. Alert potential investors:
    1. Inner circle (one degree of separation, starting with 2011 list of Jerry's and mine)
    2. 1st outer ring: those we know personally, especially of the 28 old billionaires and 29 young billionaires
    3. 2nd outer ring out: acquaintances we think might have an interest in either investing or setting up an investor group
    4. 3rd outer ring out: people we get referred to if we haven't obtained 8 owner/investors in #1 and #2.
  2. Take cross country investment tours to present to and meet with potential owner/investors,
    1. With the goal of getting them to commit and act to put their investment money into an escrow account
    2. That can't be touched except via pre-set conditions.
  3. Meet with potential gear, charter flight, and other major key vendors
  4. Implement the schedule
  5. Hold a draft
  6. Secure practice facilities and living quarters
  7. Secure game venues
  8. Post season "all hands" meeting to evaluate season:
    1. Make adjustments
    2. Plan for Season 2
    3. Fill in the blanks for Season 3’s calendar and add Season 4.
    4. Continue implementing the long term calendar

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